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The most beautiful villains asked us a permission

What a true gentlemen 


Thor: The Dark World Trailer UK — Official Marvel | HD (by MarvelUK)

What would you sacrifice for what you believe?

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…and it’s roles like that that put you at Top of a January pole of sexiest movie stars.
T: Oh goodness, I don’t even know how to respond to that.
Is that sort of a strange part of your career, when you do it, then suddenly you get a rush of female attention.
T: Certainly, yes.  Because it seems so…I think a subject like sexiness is a subjective thing, I think we all know that.  It’s alarming when the attention comes your way.
Did your sister have Brad Pitt posters up in her room?
T: She did, yeah - Brad Pitt in Legends of the Fall… But she also used to say that
I had hair like a broom.  Which is true, I have hair like a broom.

Girls love a bad lad, don’t they…maybe it’s because of the Loki thing.
T: Maybe when I dye my hair black and wear white make-up and leather and metal
there’s a particular vibe going on there. [x]

avengers meme: two places [2/2]


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hey look it’s america’s sweetheart, satan


hey look it’s america’s sweetheart, satan

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